Governor's sex scandal may jump start call girl's singing career

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's downfall could be a good thing for the girl who serviced him. Ashley Alexandra Dupré, known to Spitzer as "Kristen, has put her songs on Amie Street, a startup that prices songs according to their popularity, were free this morning. Now they're up to 37 cents each. It's unlikely… » 3/12/08 7:37pm 3/12/08 7:37pm

Is Go Daddy struggling with the First Amendment or bandwidth?

While everyone agrees that shut down a police-rating site, the hosting service and the owner of can't agree on why. PR folk at Go Daddy say the site was a bandwidth hog, while the RateMyCoppers say they were shut down for "suspicious activity" — i.e. offending the police. In any case,… » 3/12/08 1:12pm 3/12/08 1:12pm

Hackers could shut down your pacemaker

Medical researchers were able to deliver shocks and stop a Medtronic pacemaker without using the control box. The box, sold only to the doctors of pacemaker recipients, communicates with the device via radio waves. But the lab workers were able to duplicate the signals remotely, and figured out how to get the private… » 3/12/08 12:40pm 3/12/08 12:40pm

You want deadly sins? We got 'em

How cute is this dog? You love animals, right? Then how come so many of you sickos flocked to look at that sick video of the Marines torturing that poor puppy? Thank God enough of you have your priorities straight—rich people are what makes us happy, especially young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg. And sex: who… » 3/07/08 8:00pm 3/07/08 8:00pm

Jerry Yang is a lousy tipper

The wait staff at a swanky lunch spot for Valley executives does not heart Jerry Yang. The complaint: He tips 10 percent or less, no matter how big the bill. Since waiters share their tips with the rest of the staff, they each get — well, practically bupkes. For those of you not fluent in Yiddish, that means an… » 3/07/08 5:00pm 3/07/08 5:00pm

Is TechCrunch turning into Valleywag?

That's not our question. It comes from this blog.. The evidence: these headlines, which the writer apparently feels are beneath Arrington.
* Breast Isn't Best On Facebook
* Something Going On At Twitter?
* Googlers Get Kinky On Wikipedia
* Multi-Day Paypal Subscription Outage
* Like Sands Through The Hour Glass,… » 9/14/07 4:03pm 9/14/07 4:03pm

We do TOO have a lot of traffic, says BusinessWeek

In the category of "the best defense is a good offense": The editors at BusinessWeek are not interested in anyone's analysis of why their website's traffic lags and—even when it says they're not to blame. Silicon Alley Insider's Peter Kafka tried to give them a break, yesterday, saying that a … » 9/14/07 2:29pm 9/14/07 2:29pm

Care for a frypod with that shake?

What red-blooded American child wouldn't rather have nice, healthy apple slices in a frybox than the warm, salty bits of FAT that they're used to? Burger King, doing its best to be a good corporate citizen and fight the good fight against obesity, » 9/14/07 1:19pm 9/14/07 1:19pm is offering this new snack in a "frypod." Better question: which…

Facebook is poaching Googlers

This is from an ex-Googler who remains in Facebook's Google network. When he logged onto Facebook, guess what popped up? It's not as high-profile as, say, Microsoft's poaching suit against Google » 9/12/07 12:04pm 9/12/07 12:04pm two years ago, but it's interesting to note that all the big Valley companies are feeling free to steal each other's…

Warning: Viewing Yahoo may cause seizures

As if there weren't enough problems at Yahoo » 9/12/07 10:42am 9/12/07 10:42am, now the site causes —or they just have some REALLY cautious lawyers, who could probably be doing something much better with their time. Since you people are so busy and important, we'll just cut and paste section 19E of the Yahoo users agreement:A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF USERS…